A Strange Kind Of Brave

Sarah Fitzgerald


September 2019

$15.99 AU

232p pb

ISBN: 978-1510104129

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Ariana Spinelli hadnít set foot in Clanfedden for 20 years ... until now. A Strange Kind of Brave is a coming of age/early teenage novel by Sarah Moore which explores a range of issues and real-life situations.

In the story 14-year-old Luca Spinelliís mother, Ariana Spinelli, buys a run-down shop in her old home, Clanfedden, in which she and her best friend Rachel Reilly were considered Ďsaintsí, however, after Rachelís death Ariana moved away, never to be seen in Clanfedden again. After the move, Luca meets Allie Redmond and they form a strong relationship, however, the storeís previous owner, Jake McCormack, is out to get them, and Allie must warn Luca of Jakeís intentions before itís too late.

A Strange Kind of Brave hooked me in from the beginning, and the big twist left me wanting more. The vocabulary used makes the story engaging while still keeping it easily readable for younger fans. The story tackles issues in a lighthearted and engaging way. 

In A Strange Kind of Brave, Sarah Moore writes about bullying in its different forms and standing up for what is right through the plot, characters and character development. I believe that this book is a great way to teach older kids and young teens aged 11-14 about these issues, especially as theyíre coming into high school and will likely have to experience these topics as they get older. I would recommend to younger readers as well, however, some topics are more suitable for an older audience (for example, murder).

Freya, age 14

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