Third Witch

Jackie French


June 2017

$16.99 AU

216p pb

ISBN: 978-0732298531

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Third Witch by Jackie French is about Annie Grasseyes. It is a work of historical fiction and is based on Shakespeare's Macbeth. Annie, after a series of rough events filled with loyalty and betrayal, must choose between the blacksmith and the Thane of Greymouth. Who she chooses and what she discovered  forms the rest of the story.

I found this book was a too slow-paced book and lacked a 'hook' needed to grab my attention. I did not find the book easy to read as many Old English words were used. While there were no illustrations inside the book, the front cover was very good at enforcing the theme of conflict that was present throughout the story. Although it was quite tough for me to read the book had an interesting storyline as a whole. I would recommend this book to patient readers who do not need a fast-paced plot to engage them. 

Third Witch by Jackie French would be suitable for teenagers around the age of 14-15 or older readers who have an interest in Shakespeare and historically themed books.

Anjana, age 13

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