Red Day

Sandy Fussell

Walker Books

March 2020

$17.99 AU

240p pb

ISBN: 978-1760651886

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Red Day is a book set in Cowra, NSW. The background of this book is connected to the Cowra 1944 prison break. When Charlotte is forced to have a Japanese exchange student stay with them, her world gets turned upside down. Charlotte has synaesthesia, so her days have colours and letter have attitudes, red days feel the worst. Charlotte has not had a red day since her brother died, but as soon as the Japanese student, Kenichi, arrives, she can feel another red day coming.

This book for me was a really good way to see into the life of someone who has synaesthesia. The author did an amazing job at narrating the book from Charlotte’s perspective and making the reader see what it is like to have her condition. The author also made the book have a good insight into what life was like in Cowra during the 1944 prison break.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book. The author has a good balance between beautiful moments of friendship and adventure. I would definitely recommend this book.

Emma, Year 10

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