Off The Map

Scot Gardner

Allen and Unwin

April 2021

$19.99 AU

184p pb

ISBN: 978-1760877101

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Off the Map by Scot Gardner is a thrilling selection of short stories that touch your heart, and each have exciting plots behind them. It tells in-depth stories about different characters and certain things that happened to them and could be counted as out of the ordinary and magical. Every story has a completely different plot and sometimes you must expect the unexpected.

Off the Map is an amazing book but does also include some crude themes and that is why I would recommend this book for ages 13+. It has some amazing life lessons but also some depressing themes and plots that involve a lot of getting your head around but overall a good read for younger audiences. It also involves a whole heap of plot twists that could be counted as “Unexpected”, and you wouldn't pick out and that is one of my favourite things about the book. The author doesn’t use the obvious; he uses unexpected themes to build the book up and leave you anticipating the next chapter. Overall an amazing book, the themes and plots are amazingly written, and each character's point of view is both descriptive and unique.

Ebony, age 14

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