How I Didn't Straighten My Hair (and other life lessons)

Angela May George

Omnibus Books

August 2018

$16.99 AU

202p pb

ISBN: 978-1742999555

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How I Didn’t Straighten My Hair (And Other Life Lessons) by Angela May George is about 13-year-old Theodora (who always goes by Dora) who is struggling to manage her life. Her perfect older sister will not share her secrets with her, and her growing crush on her grandparents’ next-door neighbour, Ethan, is a distraction. Not to mention Genevieve, a girl at Dora’s school who causes a lot of grief and actually plays a big part in driving the plot along. Dora strongly believes that a hair straightener for her frizzy black hair, inherited off her ‘crazy’ Greek family, will answer everything… but her dad is unemployed, and hair products aren’t exactly the family’s top priority.

How I Didn’t Straighten My Hair belongs to the genre of realistic teen issues and is most suitable for the 10-15 age range but could appeal to other ages. The plot is easy to follow as it follows Dora’s life over a period of time. 

The book is fairly easy to read and Dora is easy to relate to in her actions. This is a very well-written book, but ultimately, I think that Dora is a bit stereotypical in an ‘oh, another YA fiction protagonist’ way. In the end, it is a fairly good and fun read that will appeal to a large audience.

Eleanor, age 12

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