Libby Gleeson


February 2018

$16.99 AU

240p pb

ISBN: 978-1743622513

Australia's Great War series, Book 5

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The novel 1918 by Libby Gleeson is a realistic historical novel revolving around the story of the Australian soldiers in World War I, mainly the Battle of Villers-Bretonneux. It is about a boy called Nedís experience as an ANZAC soldier during the battles during the war. Ned must survive through the harsh conditions in order to return to his family he dearly misses.

The book will be most appealing to teenagers and above, because the themes covered in the book may be unsuitable for a younger group. I loved the amazing descriptions throughout the book. The author succeeded in sealing all the strong emotions into it for the reader to unravel. While reading, I got so absorbed I kept wondering whether I was actually hearing the shooting and yells or not. I also loved how the story is based on actual events, rather than fantasy and that Gleeson did research in order to provide the audience with truths of the tragedies. As a reader, it may be useful to understand and learn some basic facts about World War I in order to understand the book to its full capacity. Some of the words used in the book can be difficult to understand if some information is not known beforehand. Overall, 1918 details the horrors our Australian soldiers faced, perfectly packaged into one dramatic novel.

Jiyun, age 14

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