As Happy As Here

Jane Godwin


August 2019

$16.99 AU

276p pb

ISBN: 978-0734419231

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As Happy as Here is a book about three girls around the age of 13. The girls, Jemma, Evie and Lucy, are all stuck in a hospital while strange things are happening around them. With Evie believing her life had stopped, she is thrown into a world that does not make sense. Who is she? What is happening in the park below her hospital window?


The genres of this book are drama and mystery; the girls are trying to make sense of what is going on outside their window. I enjoyed this book because you got to see the different girls interact in a dramatic setting and learn about them. I really liked, but found sad, that the book leaves you wondering whether you really knew one of the girls at all. 


I would recommend this book to ages 11+ as there is a scene towards the end that might not be okay for younger readers. Overall, I really enjoyed this book and would recommend this book to anyone that wants to piece together subtle hints to figure out what is happening along the way.

Laura, age 15

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