When Rain Turns To Snow

Jane Godwin


July 2020

$16.99 AU

278p pb

ISBN: 978-0734420053

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When Rain Turns To Snow is a beautiful story written by Jane Godwin about a girl who goes by the name Lissa who one day finds a mysterious boy on her balcony named Reed and a baby with him called Mercy. Mercy is a very sick baby that is only getting sicker by the minute. It is up to Lissa to find out more about her family's sinister past to figure out the mystery behind the boy and baby that appeared on her balcony whilst trying to keep her family together and trying help her brother.

I think that this lovely book would be suitable for ages 12+ because some of the themes in this book may not be suitable for younger readers but It has some good messages for an older audience, especially teenagers. I love how this story has very relatable themes to many people, and children and adults alike can take bits from this book such as the opinions and ideas that Lissa uses to deal with the many things that are happening and use them in real life.  One of my favourite parts of the book is the fact that the plot keeps you intrigued and wanting to keep reading. Every single chapter is different but links somehow to the main events of the book and every single small obstacle that Lissa must overcome adds up to the conclusive chapters of the book, making more suspense for the reader.

Ebony, Year 8

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