The Spectacular Spencer Gray

Deb Fitzpatrick

Fremantle Press

July 2017

$14.99 AU

168p pb

ISBN: 978-1925164671

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The Spectacular Spencer Gray by Deb Fitzpatrick is set in Skipper’s Cove, Australia. The story is about 12-year-old Spencer Gray, who finds an animal in a bush behind his school oval in a cage. The animal was in extremely poor condition and looked as if it was dying. Spencer being an animal lover took it home and looked after it without letting anyone else know. After doing some research, Spencer finds that the animal he has in is room is extremely endangered; it is a potoroo. Spencer tells his friends Leon and Charlie and the three of them decide to release the potoroo at Arrow Beach. From there on things escalate and Spencer realises that this is far bigger than what he had originally thought.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, but I felt like the beginning was not very attention-grabbing and I had to force myself to continue to get to the interesting parts of the story that then got me hooked. The story itself was interesting and captivating, once you got hooked that is. The detail of descriptions was moderate and allowed the reader a lot of space to imagine what was going on, I personally enjoyed this. It was easy to read and I would recommend it to anyone 10 or over.

Jasleen, age 13

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