Love Lie Repeat

Catherine Greer

Penguin Books

March 2019

$19.99 AU

326p pb

ISBN: 978-0143791225

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Love Lie Repeat is a heart wrenching book written by Catherine Greer, which you donít want to put down. The novel is about a group of three girls living in a wealthy part of Sydney. When the story begins, they seem inseparable, but before long cracks start to appear in their friendship. The introduction of a boy to their group starts tearing them apart, and as the novel goes on, issues from the past start to surface, leading to further drama.

This book would be most appropriate for a teen audience as there are mature themes in this novel as well as a lot of issues that teens struggle with in this generation. I enjoyed this book as not only was it a romance book, but a drama novel too with very realistic elements. The book didnít follow a typical story plot or a utopia, but instead focused on the flaws in our society whilst maintaining the hopefulness of all life could be. This book talks about issues that affect many teenagers currently, such as divorced families, anorexia, depression, friendship issues and jealousy. These topics are important to be discussed and shape the novel to make it interesting and relatable. Whilst reading this story you never know what will happen next and everything is unexpected, which means you struggle to put the book down. I would recommend this book. It was a really well written and engaging novel.

Keishan, Year 10

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