The Silver Arrow

Lev Grossman


September 2020

$14.99 AU

245p pb

ISBN: 978-1526629418

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The Silver Arrow by Lev Grossman is about a boy and a girl, who go on an adventure in a magical steam train, the Silver Arrow,  to save endangered animals and their habitats and protect the animals from invasive species. On the way, they meet many new animals and go on a grand journey across the globe.

This is a fantasy novel with a wide range of interesting characters. One of the good points of the story are the animals which add much to the plot; they are well-written and have quirky personalities. The animal characters have compelling backstories and wildly different personalities. The two main characters, Kate and Tom, are kids from a loving family which has a secret. They find out they have a rich uncle called Herbert who their parents have never mentioned. Through him, they are introduced to the magical world of the Silver Arrow.

I did find certain moments in the story slightly confusing such as the magic features and how the book starts with the action straight away, rather than having a slow build up to let us get to know the characters better. Overall, I think it was a good book; it was a solid story about the importance of protecting endangered species, and I would recommend it for readers 8 and over.

Hugh, Year 7

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