Sunburnt Veils

Sara Haghdoosti

Wakefield Press

April 2021

$124.95 AU

266p pb

ISBN: 978-1743057766

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Sunburnt Veils by Sara Haghdoosti is a compelling and emotional book about a studious Iranian Muslim girl named Tara who goes through hell at her new school, Sydney University. She is insulted and discriminated against by her new peers, but decides to end the abuse by running for the Student Union to bring a bit of diversity to her school. Along with her best friend Mitra, a cute crush named Alex, and a group of supporters, Tara begins on a remarkable journey to end the bias and racism that is directed towards her and people like her.

This book has a few genres like romance and contemporary fiction, and I would recommend it to anyone from 14 years old and older, because the book had some more mature scenes. This book would most appeal to teens because it is based on some of the issues that they would need to deal with in their own lives, which means they can relate to the book. Racism and discrimination are a very big part of this book because Tara is a Muslim girl who chooses to wear the Hijab even though she doesn’t have to. This meant that everyone knew she was Muslim and was treated like she was dangerous and evil. I liked how modern this book was and how it pointed out what kind of things some people have had to go through just because they are different. The book is fairly dense and has some more mature scenes, but it was still relatively easy to read and understand. I would 100% recommend this book to other people.

Tahlia, age 14, Canberra

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