The Gaps

Leanne Hall

Text Publishing

March 2021

$19.99 AU

356p pb

ISBN: 978-1922330482

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The Gaps by Leanne Hall is a crime drama book aimed at female teens to young adults. The book is about the kidnapping of a high school girl named Yin Mitchell and how this abduction affects the rest of the year. It focuses particularly on two characters: the scholarship student Chloe and the queen bee Natalia. This story explores the fears and dangers of being a female in the modern world, touching on subjects such as kidnapping, classism, sexism, and racism. I enjoyed the style that the book was written in and the difference in how Chloe and Natalia think and perceive the issues in the story. The book was easy to read but touches on darker subjects making it more appropriate for an older audience.


Abbey, Year 9

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