The Magic Misfits

Neil Patrick Harris

Hardie Grant Egmont

November 2017

$16.99 AU

256p pb

ISBN: 978-1760501723

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Do you believe in magic? Cater doesn’t. He knows magic tricks are just that - tricks.  As a street magician, he’s pretty good at them.  But when Carter runs away from his con-man uncle, he finds himself alone and in danger from a dastardly carnival ringleader. He could really use some magic and some friends-right about now...

The brilliant things in this book are that the characters all have their own talent and they don't mind showing it off in the street, which I think is really cool because the author didn't just give them the same magic. I recommend this book to ages to 9-12 because it might be too hard for younger people to read and understand. I thought this book was really good and I recommend it. I hope you enjoy the book too!

Bailey, Year 6

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