The Girl with the Lost Smile

Miranda Hart

illustrations by Kate Hindley

Hodder Children's Books

October 2018

$19.99 AU

363p pb

ISBN: 978-1444941371

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The Girl with the Lost Smile is about a girl named Chloe Long who had the greatest smile in the world and when she smiled it made people want to smile back. One day, she loses her smile, she looked everywhere for it but she couldn’t find it. Then one night something happens, two creatures, Godfrey and Hoppy, came to help Chloe find her smile. They travelled to many different places along the way including Chloe’s favourite place in the world, Chloe’s Magic Land.

I really enjoyed the book and its plot, I also liked the way the author used different fonts to show different circumstances. The story had a small mix of genres such as adventure and humour. I really liked the main characters as they were believable, likeable and you could feel their emotions as you read the book. There were also a range of different personalities throughout the book that would appeal to different readers.

Another thing I liked was the way that the author described situations in the book, it felt like I was in the story with Chloe, Godfrey and Hoppy. The story takes place in an unspecified time and place, with the setting being a mix of real and made up places. The author describes the places that Chloe travels to in great detail, so it makes you feel like they’re real places and you’re actually there. I think this will make it appeal to a wider audience because no one has ever actually been there.

I think this book will be suitable for children aged 7-10 years old.

Patrick, age 10

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