Sara Holland


March 2020

$16.99 AU

308p pb

ISBN: 978-1526614889

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Havenfall, by Sara Holland is a fantasy story about Maddie Morrow, a girl trying to grapple at the loose ends of her life, without a brother and her mother who she deems already dead to the world. For Maddie, her life is unforgiving and difficult. When she is in Havenfall though, everything changes. Underneath the inn of Havenfall, houses the doors to all the vastly different worlds that can only be imagined or read in books. Some are closed off and remain dead, but others are alive and thriving: Bryn, Fiordenkill and the recently closed off Solaria. Magic seems to envelop this place, creating a home of security and safety. For Maddie, Havenfall is her everything. But when her safe place starts to crumble, Maddie has to step up and take over. Watching what Havenfall has become, she cannot let it fall at her very feet. Not now and not ever.

This book was utterly captivating at the very start! The author weaves her words to make such a magical and enchanting atmosphere that I imagined myself in the book with Maddie. The way the feelings were written as well were so profound and relevant, I sat biting my fist when it was getting especially intense.

The plot revolves around Maddie trying to prove herself strong to everyone. She has been hidden from the truth for so long that as I read the story, shocking revelations felt like it was tangible. I highly recommend this book to anyone that wants to indulge themself in some well written fantasy or wants to visit another world. Ages 13-19 would most likely enjoy this book.

Jirah, Year 10

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