Alex Rider, Book 13

Anthony Horowitz

Walker Books

April 2020

$16.99 AU

448p pb

ISBN: 978-1406395877

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Alex Rider: Nightshade is an amazing book. After Alex Rider defeats the evil organisation of Scorpia in Never Say Die, Alex thinks that his life is back to normal, but this is all changed in Nightshade. A new and even more dangerous terrorist organisation has formed, named Nightshade (hence the name of the book). Alex discovers that Nightshade has been planning a massive terrorist attack on his home city of London. Alex will not stop until he takes this new organisation down. This will be extremely difficult as he doesn’t know much about Nightshade, he has no one helping him out, and if he makes one wrong move, it will be the end of not just him, but thousands of innocent people.

The suspense in this novel is out of this world! There are moments in the book where readers are fearing for Alex’s life. Throughout the whole book, the reader remembers that if Alex fails, thousands of innocent civilians will die. Alex is great in this book, but he is not as fearless as he is in the previous books. Nightshade by Anthony Horowitz is great. I recommend it to young adults who enjoy spy and action media.

Nico, Year 8

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