Alex Rider: Secret Weapon

Book 12

Anthony Horowitz

Walker Books

April 2019

$16.99 AU

352p pb

ISBN: 978-1406387476

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Alex Rider: Secret Weapon written by Anthony Horowitz is a thrilling, action packed series of short stories. This action, adventure fiction is book 12 of the Alex Rider series though it doesnít need to be read in order.


This series of short stories are thrilling and engaging and easy to read. Readers aged 10+ will be captivated by the stories of Alex the 14-year-old spy, working for MI6 for England. The author leaves clues in the book to get you thinking and asking questions. You always think you know what will happen, but the author throws a twist right at you and Alex Rider. With great details and description, the imagery is amazing.


I would rate this book a 4.5 out of 5 as each story is intriguing, fun and exciting to read. The way Alex escapes death by doing the impossible is extraordinary! And once you have finished the book, Iím sure, like me, you would love to read more of Alexís quick flowing adventures.


Axel, age 12, Canberra

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