The Reckless Afterlife of Harriet Stoker

Lauren James

Walker Books

September 2020

$18.99 AU

432p pb

ISBN: 978-1406391121

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The Reckless Afterlife of Harriet Stoker by Lauren James, is a captivating novel which explores a fictional afterlife world filled with ghosts and powers. The novel follows the story of Harriet, a curious girl who meets her death after falling from the balcony of an abandoned building. She is welcomed into a mysterious new world where she struggles to balance her desire for friendships and power.

The novel focuses on topics such as friendship and strength. From these topics, the author has powerfully portrayed the theme that friendships give you strength and power. Elements of the novel which I thoroughly enjoy included the mysterious and gripping afterlife setting. I found this element of the novel both enticing and entertaining, leaving readers wondering and questioning about the mystery behind death. By writing the novel from the perspective of multiple characters, the author adds additional depth to the plot as we see the emotion and feeling behind each character.

I would recommend this novel to adolescents and as I feel that the writing style, themes, and plot would be especially appropriate for this age range.

Ally, Year 10

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