Girl vs Boy Band II: The High Note

Harmony Jones


June 2017

$14.99 AU

228p pb

ISBN: 978-1408878279

follows Girl vs Boy Band: The Right Track

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Girl vs Boy Band: The High Note is a new teenage romance novel written by Harmony Jones. This is the second book of the Girl vs Boy Band series, following Girl vs Boy Band: The Right Track. This story unravels inside the shoes of a shy but talented girl, Lark Campbell, as her life, thoughts and dreams are revealed to the reader.


Young Lark Campbell is back, adjusted to the fact that she is now living with the soon-to-be world stars, Abbey Road. The one thing she canít get her head around is the fact that her crush, Teddy Reese and she are so much closer together Ďas friendsí, stated by herself. Her life takes yet another turn when Mimi posts a second video of Lark on YouTube, with more people swarming around her. The sweet and bitter moments constantly jab at her throughout the story, such as the concert night together with Teddy and the sweet touching of lips, not to forget troubles like Rise and Shine with Bridget and creepy Daniel Baylor. She goes through thick and thin with the band, her mother and her best friend Mimi.


Girl vs Boy Band: The High Note is a beautiful novel with the perfect blend of music and young love, making it the best choice for music or romance lovers, perhaps even both. Watching Lark as she grows, polishing herself as a being is amusing and relatable to watch, no matter how different her world is to the readerís. Of course, the protagonist herself is a likeable, unique character which adds more flavour into the novel. Jonesí creativity with the lyrics for songs keeps the readers entertained with music they can listen to in their mind. I recommend reading the first book beforehand; just so you can understand the story plot as well as experience the ride Lark took with the help of others to get to where she is at the start. Overall, Girl vs Boy Band: The High Note is one stunning masterpiece from Harmony Jones worth every coin spent on it. Take a tour around Larkís daily life with the stars!


Jiyun, age 13

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