The Starlight Claim

Tim Wynne-Jones

Candlewick Press

February 2022

$17.99 AU

230p pb

ISBN: 978-1536222913

fp November 2019

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The Starlight Claim by Tim Wynne-Jones is a wondrous novel. Acting as a sequel to Wynne-Jones’ The Maestro, The Starlight Claim can also be read as a standalone novel.  Starting off with the centre point of the plot, the novel immediately grabs the reader’s attention and curiosity. The plot of The Starlight Claim is centred around the disappearance of the Dodge, best friend of the protagonist, Nate. Nate secretly returns to the remote campsite in which Dodge disappeared, in a desperate hope to find him. But the camp is already occupied by escapees from a maximum-security prison. With no way of contacting help, Nate must find a way to survive whilst remaining undetected, however, that becomes the least of Nate’s worries as things start getting out of hand.

Filled with suspense and thrill, Wynne-Jones has written an amazing psychological thriller targeting teenagers and young adults. The Starlight Claim is an easy read, which, in my opinion, makes this novel all the better as I was able focus on the fast-paced plot instead of fancy words. Considering how fast-paced the plot was, I would recommend other readers to read this novel from start to finish in a short amount of time to better experience the speed of the plot.

Overall, The Starlight Claim is a beautiful, fast-paced psychological thriller, appealing to the teenager–young adult demographic. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and would most definitely recommend it to other readers looking for an amazing thriller.

Jasleen, age 15, Canberra 

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