The Way To Impossible Land

Sophie Kirtley


April 2021

$14.99 AU

312p pb

ISBN: 978-1526616302

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The Way to Impossible Island by Sophie Kirtley is an excellent book. It starts with the illusion of flipping between two realities, one with a stone-age character called Mothgirl, and the other with a modern-day character called Dara. Dara is bound to his bed because of illness, while Mothgirl is forbidden from leaving her cave because of a villainous tribe of vultures.

When I first read this book, I assumed that these two stories were taking place in two separate realities. This illusion works so well because Dara is reading a book while sitting in his bed so the reader can assume that Mothgirl is taking place within Dara’s head, however, conflict springs up at the same time in each scenario.

The book’s ideal age range is 12-16 as it involves some complex themes, especially later in the book. The plot points in this book are varied and interesting because of the fact that Mothgirl is the perfect foil for Dara. The plot explores different kinds and meanings of sickness and health. Dara is physically sick and he thinks about that a little too much, while Mothgirl is mentally sick and doesn’t even know or care about it. It also explores values, both for things that are tangible and intangible. It encourages the reader to question what peace of mind and mental safety are worth compared to endless food and valuable trinkets. The quality of the descriptions for different scenes was excellent as I was able to picture almost all of the important scenes with extraordinary detail. The story arcs for the characters felt well defined, unlike many books of this length. For me, the illusions of two separate realities felt confusing at first, and this could put off some first-time readers. I also felt some characters were misplaced and unnecessary. Overall though I rate this book a 4.7 out of 5.

Blake, Year 7

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