The Wild Way Home

Sophie Kirtley


August 2020

$14.99 AU

242p pb

ISBN: 978-1526616289

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When Charlie Merriam’s birthday arrives, his baby brother is born. Dara Merriam has a problem with his heart and Charlie is terrified, so he runs from the hospital into the forest where he finds a strange boy in animal skins laying in the river. Charlie lifts him out, but when he goes to find help, he discovers that he is no longer in the forest he was in before. Will he get home safely?

I would recommend this book to people who enjoy reading mystery books like the Alex Rider series or the Chaos Walking series because the reader never really knows what will happen next. I really liked this book because the main character did things that people could connect with like climbing trees and bird watching, which I enjoy myself. This story made me think how running away from problems doesn’t solve them.

Declan, age 12

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