The Extraordinaries

T J Klune

Hodder & Stoughton

July 2020

$19.99 AU

400p pb

ISBN: 978-1473693050

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The Extraordinaries is a book written by TJ Klune. The main protagonist, Nick Bell, is a homosexual 15-year-old diagnosed with ADHD. It is set in an urban city in the present where superheroes exist. The novel is about Nick wanting to become an extraordinary, the real-life superheroes that both protect and even harm Nova City. They are Shadow Star, who can manipulate the shadows and is the ‘hero’ and Pyro Storm, who has the power over pyrokinesis and is the ‘villain’.

The book is well-written, and I would describe it as light-hearted, but serious. The author uses excellent foreshadowing, it has a variety of twists and turns, some which may be slightly expected by the reader and some that are not. Other interesting characters include Nick’s best friend Seth Gray, Gibby and Jazz, the lesbian girlfriends and even Nick’s dad, a police officer who is there for Nick. Over the course of the story I understood the characters more and got a feel for the book. When I began the book, I was immediately hooked. It has a good plot that all comes together like a puzzle, the style of writing is enjoyable and not too wordy like other books I have read, and the twists and turns are nice. The book is suitable for readers 12 and over, and I would say the target demographic is young adults. The genres include romance, gay fiction, science fiction, and superhero fiction. 4.5 stars.

Suvir, age 12

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