Jane Eyre: a retelling

Tanya Landman

Barrington Stoke

February 2020

$14.99 AU

116p pb

ISBN: 978-1781129128

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Tanya Landmanís retelling of Jane Eyre, by Charlotte BrontŽ, is about a girl called Jane who grew up in a place where she was considered to be worth nothing and unimportant. She then gets a job as a governess in a great house named Thornfield Hall and she thinks her life will be better than before, however, the house holds dark secrets, and the owner of the house, Mr Rochester is full of them.

This book is a gothic fiction and romance novel and I think it is best suited for girls aged 14 and up. I found this book a little bit difficult to read and I think some themes may be a little mature for 12-13 year olds but I still enjoyed reading it. I liked how Jane returned in the end and looked after Mr Rochester. I think it was a really good book and I would definitely recommend it to other readers.

Tahlia, age 13

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