Inside The Tiger

Hayley Lawrence

Penguin Books

September 2018

$19.99 AU

346p pb

ISBN: 978-0143788959

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Inside The Tiger is a wonderful romance novel written by Hayley Lawrence. It stretches its reach into genres and themes like slice-of-life, school, friendship and dilemma which are great topics to cover within stories and show even deeper meaning beyond the dramatic love line.

This novel was thrilling if I were to put it in one word. The life Bel lives is unique yet realistic and certainly takes the reader on an adventure. It starts with the girl sending a letter to a prisoner whom she had found on a website. The love which blossoms is a peculiar one, bound by all sorts of troubles and doubts she faces.

At first, she had high doubts about Micah. From the start, I myself fell in love with him and I could imagine myself in the situations Bel was in. Iíve personally never read a romance novel before nor have I been in a situation like this, which adds to the fun and kept me on my toes throughout the journey. It also made me fantasize romance myself, which I believe is because of the compelling storyline. I also liked the fact that this story wasnít an entirely light one and sucks you in every time you open it. I had my mother point out to me that I was walking around with the book with me all the time before I realised myself. It also doesnít have a cliche, cheesy plot. Lawrence did an incredible job for this novel, especially for a first work. It made me look forward to her future novels as well. I highly recommend this to any teenager, whether they be male or female. Itís a fantastic work definitely worth reading.

Jiyun, age 14

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