Boy Queen

George Lester


October 2020

$17.99 AU

396p pb

ISBN: 978-1529042115

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Boy Queen is a novel by George Lester about a teenage boy called Robin. Robin is an avid dancer and when his dreams of reaching the LAPA Institute crumble around him, he must find a new dream. Robin, believing that he had no other options, decides to try drag. Will he stick with his new dream? Or will he continue to work towards his dreams of stardom?

The genre is coming of age, Robin is trying to find his place in the world after his rejection. I enjoyed this book because I thought that it was well done and followed a realistic storyline. I really liked that this book included LGBTQ+ themes in it. A lot of coming-of-age books are about heterosexual couples instead. I would recommend this book to anyone 12+ as the book deals with some scenes that may not be appropriate for younger readers, and this is an age that means the reader would more fully understand the themes. Overall, I would recommend this book to readers looking for a realistic coming of age story featuring an LGBTQ+ character and dance. 

Laura, age 16

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