The Relic of the Blue Dragon

Book 1, Children of the Dragon

Rebecca Lim

Allen & Unwin

August 2018

$14.99 AU

180p pb

ISBN: 978-1760297367

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The Relic of the Blue Dragon by Rebecca Lim is a fantasy novel about a boy called Harley who finds an ancient vase outside an auction house and mysteriously can’t let go of it. When his mother tries to rescue him by breaking the vase, they accidentally release Qing, one of the five daughters of the dragon king, who had been trapped inside for thousands of years. All of a sudden Harley finds himself on a dangerous journey with Qing to help her rescue her sisters. None of this is possible without the help of Harley’s criminal father and his contacts. 

The Relic of the Blue Dragon is very fun to read and very intriguing right from the start, making you want to read more and more. It is probably best suited for people of ages 9 to 16 but it can be read and enjoyed by basically anyone who can read. It is very easy to read because it has quite large writing and the language is also easily understandable. All in all, it is just a fun book to read that can entertain you for hours on end.

Benjamin, age 13

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