The Names They Gave Us

Emery Lord


June 2017

$17.99 AU

392p pb

ISBN: 978-1408877814

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The book The Name They Gave Us by Emery Lord is an amazing book. The book is all about teen issues. Itís about a girl called Lucy, finding out that her mum has gotten re-re-diagnosed with cancer. Lucy starts falling apart. She canít deal with another round when thereís the possibility of her mum not making it out. Her mum decides that Lucy canít be around as much because she needs space to deal with everything. So, she sends Lucy to Daybreak, a camp for dealing with difficult situations. Here Lucy meets Jones, or Henry as he likes to be called, and finds that she can be a part of something.

This book is targeted at teenagers, mostly girls as it deals with heavy situations and girl problems. It covers cancer, love, friendship, and hope. I love the book. It nearly made me cry in the first 20 pages! It is a tear jerker and pulls on the heart strings. Itís a book of hope and belief with many strong and powerful words that will make you step back and see how much other people are struggling. The book is quite easy to read and once you start, you literally canít put it down. I stayed up quite late one night because I couldnít put it down. I highly recommend this book to other teenage girls. Itís an amazing book that must be read.

Sarah, age 15

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