Monstrous Devices

Damien Love


May 2020

$14.99 AU

344p pb

ISBN: 978-1786078575

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Alex receives a toy robot in the mail from his grandfather with an interesting message. "This one is special". The two of them begin to fend off evil toy robots and embark on an adventure to stop a dastardly villain from getting unlimited power! 

Monstrous Devices is an action-oriented fantasy written by Damien Love. It has an intriguing plot and cool concepts, and the worldbuilding is great! The action is genuinely intense (at least for me), and it's rare for one of the chapters to have no action in it all! This lengthens a reader's attention span, but all of this action comes at the price of character development; but to be honest, it would be pretty difficult to incorporate lots of character development into this kind of story.

Despite this, Monstrous Devices is quite an enjoyable book. I'd recommend the age range to be for 11-13-year olds. 

Jerald, age 12

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