The Shadow Arts

Damien Love

Rock The Boat

July 2021

$14.99 AU

408p pb

ISBN: 978-0861540860

sequel to Monstrous Devices

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The Shadow Arts by Damien Love is a fast-paced fantasy/sci-fi novel. Alex is yet again on the hunt across the continent of Europe with his eccentric grandfather to find their friend, Harry, who was investigating a series of seemingly random art thefts. They must traverse the obstacles of deadly mind-controlled drones and life-sized robots. He journeys to the Black Forest, which creates thin spots in reality, and Alex must stop a rift from forming as he attempts to stop his formidable foes attempting to achieve immortality. Alex must learn to control his own powers and resurrect a dead man and save innocent lives and even possibly history. 

While the protagonist, Alex is seemingly bland at first, character development is shown throughout the book as his moral fibre is tested. All the other characters are immersive and have a deep backstory and origins. Whilst Alex is bland in contrast to other characters, it creates a good balance. I found the story to have a slow start causing me to lose interest but then the momentum was built and became fast paced though I did get confused. While the book had a gripping plot along with original characters, the changes in momentum prevented me from enjoying it entirely. 

Suvir, Year 7

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