In the Key of Code

Aimee Lucido

Walker Books

March 2020

$16.99 AU

416p pb

ISBN: 978-1406389333

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In The Key in the Code by Aimee Lucido is a heart-warming story about a girl who doesn’t feel as if she belongs. After moving to a new school, city and home with her musical family, Emmy feels out of beat but after signing up for a computer coding elective, she learns a new rhythm and finds a new friend called Abigail. As Emmy and Abigail’s friendship grows, Emmy discovers that her musical knowledge helps her code in java. Through the ups and downs, Emmy begins to find her tune again, and eventually, she no longer sounds like a wrong note in a sea of musicians.

I believe that The Key in the Code is suited to people from 9 years of age and above. The themes of this book are realistic and younger and older audiences will enjoy reading about the struggles that Emmy had to go through and also be able to apply ideas, opinions and advice from the book in their everyday lives. I enjoyed how relatable this book is to real life. Although it is a fiction book, it covers legitimate issues such as bullying, friendship and belonging. I enjoyed the unique way that this book was written as well. At the start, Emmy’s thoughts came across as musical and unique; as she tried to make friends there were a lot of ‘Attempted Duets’. Soon the duets disappeared, however, and she started to think in a musical version of java. Another thing I enjoyed about the book is its informative side. During the book, Emmy learns the basics of java and the readers learn with her. I have learnt heaps about java just by following Emmy’s story. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the life lessons that it teaches us.

Ebony, age 13

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