The Universe is Expanding and So Am I

Carolyn Mackler


October 2018

$14.99 AU

282p pb

ISBN: 978-1408897041

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This book follows the journey of Virginia Shreves, a sixteen-year-old girl who describes herself as fat. She always compared herself to her ‘perfect, skinny’ family but after her brother did something unthinkable she learns her true wealth. With her friends miles away and feeling all alone she crosses paths with a boy – Sebastian; their lives get intertwined very quickly. On warring sides of ‘the incident’ can they find a way to be together? Will what her brother did affect her entire life? As the impending court case draws closer, Virginia moves forward with her life, proving the power inside.

I enjoyed this book because the character Virginia, is relatable to many girls in the real world. The book highlights some important and common issues among teenagers. The main themes are family, love, togetherness, and self-worth. I would recommend this book to 13+ because it has some confronting themes in it. I liked this book because I found that I enjoyed learning about Virginia, her family, and her blossoming love life on her journey to self-worth.

Laura, Year 8

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