The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z

Kate Messner


January 2018

$12.99 AU

216p pb

ISBN: 978-1681195476

fp 2009

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In this book, Gianna gets assigned a science assignment where she has to find twenty-five different leaves and classify them. With less than one week to finish, the completion of the assignment was very rushed.  If she didnít finish in time, her arch- nemesis will take her spot on the cross team to go to sectionals.


I think this book would most suit primary school aged children because of what the story is about and how it is written. Some of the things I liked about the book is firstly, how it is structured. I also liked how Gianna rushed her assignment and kept losing her leaves. It was a very funny book, which I found very enjoyable to read. The book was very easy to read and it does not have many difficult words. The front cover suits the story very well because it has autumn leaves swirling around her.


I believe that readers will enjoy this book and it has very practical themes and concepts.  I recommend this book to children as it will let them know that they can achieve anything they want as long as they work hard. 


Zoe, age 14

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