George Parker Goes Global

David Metzenthen

Allen & Unwin

June 2018

$16.99 AU

280p pb

ISBN: 978-1760523466

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George Parker Goes Global by David Metzenthen is a book about a smart boy named George Parker and his rich friend Chase London-Bond, who go on an adventure to break Chase’s sister out a high security hospital where she has been confined for a long time quite unnecessarily and where she has been very lonely. Along the way and even after they save Chase’s sister, George and Chase have to face many challenges and a lot of danger because they are being hunted. Chase’s parents lost 500 million dollars and the people whose money was lost want it back at any cost; they are even willing to kidnap a group of children.

George and Chase’s adventure leads them across the entire world, where they face real problems and live and travel in the amazing ways of the super-rich. The book is very engaging because there is almost constant action and the story makes you want to finish the book in one night. All in all, it is very enjoyable and a pleasure to read.

Benjamin, age 13

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