Tales From A Tall Forest

Shaun Micallef

art by Jonathan Bentley

Hardie Grant Egmont

October 2017

$29.99 AU

210p hc

ISBN: 978-1760129590

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This is a book which contains three fairy tales with a creepy twist. The first story is The Wolf and the Princess and the Trail of Crumbs. Princess Mathilda gets convinced to go for a walk in the forest by her evil stepmother not knowing that she had told her royal woodsman to cut out her heart and put it in a jewellery box. When she gets to the forest the royal woodsman could not cut out her heart, so they made a plan: they would run away, and she would stay with the dwarfs but on their way a tiny poncho girl ran up to them and told them her nan had been eaten by a wolf. They save the nan and deliver the princess to the dwarfs, but the wolf is on its way. Will they all survive?

The second story is The Fisherman the Monkey and the Three Wishes. In this story a fisherman and his wife wanted a baby so much, but she can’t have one for medical reasons. The fisherman goes to the river and sees a monkey. He talks to the monkey and the monkey said, “if you give me three wishes I will give you a child.” They agreed and decided upon what he would look like. When the fisherman's son was a few years old the monkey wanted his first wish - he wanted a hundred thousand gold sovereigns and his second wish was to be king and third was to be a god. Will they ever be able to have their own child?

The final story is The Magic Beans and the Pedlars Wife and the Cow. Jacques a rude and greedy man plants a beanstalk. He climbs the beanstalk and steals bags of gold and silver from a palace up the beanstalk. The prince wants to cut it down. Will it fall, or will it stay.

Overall, I think this is a great book that has lots of fun and adventure. I would recommend it to someone 9 and above who enjoys reading gory and adventurous books. I really liked how there were interesting words that I didn't know the meaning of, but it had the meaning at the bottom of the page.

Matilda, age 11

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