It Looks Like This

Rafi Mittlefehldt

Candlewick Press

June 2018

$16.99 AU

330p pb

ISBN: 978-1536200430

fp September 2016

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Mike and his family have moved from Wisconsin to Virginia. Mike lives with his very religious and conservative father and mother as well as his feisty and beloved sister, Toby. More interested in art than sport he is always a disappointment in his father’s eyes and his time at school is no better, being the target of some homophobic taunts. But at school he also meets Sean and their friendship blossoms into something more. However, when the school bully films the two of them and contacts Sean’s dad this spiral out of control. Mike is sent to a conversion camp and banned from seeing Sean. From there things go from bad to worse…

This is a moving story which falls into the LGBTQI canon of YA stories where being different has tragic consequences, although there is some optimism at the end. The slow pace of the story and the lack of quotation marks may dissuade some readers, but it is a compelling read which shows just what intolerance can lead too. For age 15+.

Trent, Canberra 

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