The Young Vikings

James Moloney

Koala Books

February 2018

$14.99 AU

216p pb

ISBN: 978-1743811191

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The Young Vikings by James Moloney follows the lives of a young Viking named Hauk Johanson and his friends. After the village of Moberg is attacked, Hauk and his cousins Thora and Jens, and Hauk’s feisty friends, Kalf and Harald, work together to avenge their fathers who have died in battle.

I enjoyed the book because each chapter is full of adventure and conflict. It was easy to read because of the relatively simple vocabulary, and the storyline was simple to follow. The author wrote descriptively to portray a clear image of the characters in my head.

The book belongs to the historical fiction genre. It briefly covers some Norse mythology and taught me a few things about Viking culture. If you enjoy reading books like Magnus Chase by Rick Riordan, then this book would appeal to you.

I would recommend this book for anyone aged 10+. It has some young adult themes, such as graphic descriptions of battle and gore, but also covers important values like friendship, bravery, perseverance and trust.

Freya, age 12

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