Lucky Button

Michael Morpurgo

illustarted by Micahel Foreman

Walker Books

February  2018

$19.99 AU

174p hc

ISBN: 978-1406371680

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Jonah is a sensitive young boy who lives with his ailing mother. She was knocked off her bike by a lorry two years ago and now is confined to a wheelchair. Often feeling low and miserable she now rarely leaves the house with Jonah taking on the responsibility of her care. The two share a love of music and this is what Jonah uses to make his mum smile. At school he struggles to fit in and suffers from bullying. He often takes refuge in the school chapel. One day while in there he finds an old button and meets a phantom organ player. It turns out that this ghost was once a foundling child who grew up with a range of families including a period of time with a young Wolfgang Mozart and his family. It is this meeting that changes Jonah’s life.

What a beautifully told story with wonderful accompanying illustrations. This story includes a lot of English cultural history about foundling children and a look into the hardship many such children faced as well as the love some received. This historical story will satisfy fans of Michael Morpurgo and is certainly a book which suit readers interested in time slip historical fiction.

Stephen, Canberra

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