Mr Romanov's Garden In The Sky

Robert Newton

Penguin Books

March 2017

$17.99 AU

220p pb

ISBN: 978-0143309307

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Lexie is a girl who has always been in constant battle with her insecurities and the pain of her past. A tragic event leads to a peculiar friendship between her and the Creeper, a confusing man full of mysteries and secrets. Together, with her friend Davey, they travel on a journey to Lexie's dream destination, Surferís Paradise. As they build their friendship, they come to learn and understand one another, fighting together to escape the darkness in their lives.


This novel, Mr Romanovís Garden in the Sky by Robert Newton is appropriate for young adults between 12 and 15 years, as it touches serious themes such as suicide and drug addiction in a way that helps teenagers develop a deeper understanding. Even though this is a fictional story, it gives you a sense of reality, where not everything is perfect, but with the power of friendship, you can become strong, both mentally and physically.


After reading the book, I could see the world in a way that I never truly saw before. It gave me insight into issues that I havenít experienced myself. The novel was also very attention grabbing at the start as the author builds tension and mystery, then slowly uncovers the secrets at the heart of the novel. Personally, I found the book had a perfect balance in difficulty level when it came to reading. Some words may be more challenging than others, but overall, it was quite simple to read. I recommend it for readers who want a story about friendship that doesnít steer away from very difficult issues.


Christine, age 12

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