Hometown Haunts #LoveOzYA Horror Tales

edited by Poppy Nwosu

Wakefield Press

November 2021

$24.95 AU

248p pb

ISBN: 978-1743058640

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Hometown Haunts: #LoveOzYA Horror Tales edited by Poppy Nwosu takes you through a collection of terrifying short stories. There is a large assortment of stories in this book, ranging from horrifying monsters, hauntings and psychological horrors. There are some stories that are told in graphic form, using pictures rather than text to create horror and suspense. The stories are written by a wide range of authors, and this is reflected in the diversity of characters in them.

The genre of this book is horror fiction, but it has some aspects of the thriller genre. I enjoyed this book because it had aspects of modern-day Australian life which makes the stories seem more believable and therefore scary. I think this book is best suited for an audience of 13+ because the book has some adult themes. There are such a wide range of stories, this collection will appeal to readers who do not usually like the horror genre. If you are looking to find a book that will leave you feeling unsettled and scared after reading, I would suggest this book.

Yasmin, age 14

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