Making Friends With Alice Dyson

Poppy Nwosu

Wakefield Press

March 2019

$24.95 AU

268p pb

ISBN: 978-1743056127

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Alice Dyson is a classic high school nerd, determined to complete her last year of high school and move into the future, until one day, an unusual encounter with the school's troublemaker, Teddy Taualai, changes her plans forever. Alice is forced to step out of her comfort zone and is unwillingly placed in the centre of attention. She is faced with self-conflict, rumours, friendship difficulties and the confusion of a first relationship throughout her last year of high school. 

Making Friends with Alice Dyson is a great story for high school students, from the ages of 12 to 15. The story of friendship and first relationships makes it a very relatable story for a younger high school audience. It explores themes of love and friendship. Poppy Nwosu covers the issues of rumours, friendship and popularity. These themes and issues only make it more appealing and relatable for a teenage audience. 

I enjoyed how sweetly Poppy Nwosu portrays a story of first love. She has written it to be very relatable to teenagers and her novel is particularly enjoyable to read as you connect more with the characters making the story more meaningful. 

Making Friends with Alice Dyson is an easy to read, sweet and enjoyable novel. It is a heart-warming story of friendship, relationship, rumours and discovering who you really are. I would highly recommend this novel.

Ellen, age 15, Canberra

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