Road Tripping With Pearl Nash

Poppy Nwosu

Wakefield Press

September 2021

$24.95 AU

262p pb

ISBN: 978-1743058435

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Pearl Nash is hoping a summer road trip to a beach house party will help fix her dying relationship with her best friend Daisy. Instead, Daisy ditches Pearl for her boyfriend and leaves her in the middle of nowhere with Obi Okocha a boy with “a mega-watt smile and an endlessly irritating attitude”. Pearl thinks this is as bad as it will get but with a car breakdown, multiple arguments and a missing nana, her once perfect plan is now a complete disaster. Especially that kiss that she almost definitely thinks was a mistake.

Road Tripping with Pearl Nash by Poppy Nwosu is a beautiful and emotional story about the complexities and complications of family, friendship and romance. The characters are unique, and you will easily fall in love with them so the novel would be most appealing to readers who love YA contemporary romance. It would be best appreciated by readers over 14 years old as there are some heavy family issues and the relationships (both friend, familial and romantic) are more relatable to older teenagers. Road Tripping with Pearl Nash was such a deeply personal and emotional journey and I would recommend it to all teenagers who want to read more about teenage issues.

Niamh, age 16, Canberra

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