Becoming: adapted for younger readers

Michelle Obama


March 2021

$29.99 AU

408p hc

ISBN: 978-0241531815

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The edition of Becoming by Michelle Obama adapted for young readers is an autobiography which discusses Michelleís journey into becoming the woman she is today. It discusses personal stories and anecdotes from her childhood which helped her find her voice and talks about her experiences as a mother and former First Lady of the United States.

While reading Becoming I found myself feeling empowered. Michelle is an outstanding role model for children of all ages, and her writing really shows how strong and intelligent she is. The book is also very entertaining as well as informative - Obama uses humour well to convey her message in an entertaining manner, and the anecdotes (especially from her childhood) are eye-opening and relatable to the young audience reading this edition.

Some of the main themes discussed in this book are racism, sexism, motherhood, marriage, and the importance of commitment and hard work. Although a lot of the stories would possibly be more relatable to people who have experienced racism and sexism in their past, I would recommend this book to all children from 10-16 as itís very interesting, informative, and highlights issues in our society that everyone should be aware of.

Freya, age 15

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