Who Put This Song On?

Morgan Parker

Little, Brown

October 2019

$18.99 AU

324p pb

ISBN: 978-1472154217

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Who Put This Song On? by Morgan Parker is a contemporary novel focusing on teen issues such as depression and anxiety. The book, based on the author's personal experiences, follows Morgan, an African American teenager struggling through birthday parties, art classes and surviving extremely boring lessons with her therapist, Susan.

This book is great for teenagers, because it shows how to deal with the struggles of everyday life. It also gives a voice and an inside look into what it is to be a minority, something that I think has been lacking in literature. The book is written from Morganís point of view which allows the audience to hear and understand situations and feel her emotions. I found this to be a good thing in most situations, however, there are some parts of the book where I felt it got a little bogged down. In conclusion, I would recommend this book to any teenager, especially those struggling with, or interested in, mental health issues.

Ally, age 14

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