Sara Pennypacker

illustrated by Jon Klassen


September 2017

$14.99 AU

278p pb

ISBN: 978-0008158286

fp April 2016

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Pax.. A simple title, the storyline is anything but. 

Pax takes you on a very emotional journey of a teenage boy going through some hard times. This is where it gets complicated as the story also features a fox relearning how to live in the wild.

This book centres around both Peter and Pax and their bond for one another. Peter has raised the red fox, Pax, since he was just a kit and alone in the forest. Peter is then forced to abandon him by his father. These two inseparable friends do all they can to find one another again after being separated because of a war.

Pax takes you on a journey from both Peter and Paxís perspective. The strong emotions that Peter experiences are very relatable to all. The writing style was a very different one as every chapter switches between Pax and Peterís views. Because of this, it was best read by bookmarking at the end of a chapter.

Pax drew me in right from the start. It has everything a book needs and more. The illustrations fit well. This is an amazing, heart-wrenching read that draws you in right from the beginning and I would highly recommend it for people interested in realistic fiction novels.

Toby, age 12

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