Natural Born Loser

Oliver Phommavanh


August 2018

$16.99 AU

198p pb

ISBN: 978-0143505730

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Natural Born Loser by Oliver Phommavanh is a smart and funny story about a boy named Raymond who is a “natural follower” who becomes a leader. Chosen to become a school leader, he makes the biggest promise of his life, which he now has to fulfil. Along with his three friends and co-prefects, he works hard to fulfil his promise while avoiding the bad students who continuously try to ruin his plans.

This comic novel is a great example that sometimes you shouldn’t take yourself seriously. It also teaches you that you don’t have to be born with greatness. Even though you might think that you are bad at something, this book reminds you that everyone has greatness inside of them. It just takes the right situation and people to help bring it out.

I recommend this book for ages between 9-12; the main character is in year 6, so it would probably be most interesting to primary students, plus it’s easy to read.

Victor, age 14

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