Attack of the Meteor Monsters

Maudlin Towers

Book 3

Chris Priestley

Bloomsbury Children's Books

November 2019

$14.99 AU

250p pb

ISBN: 978-1408873120

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When an ambiguous meteor startlingly crashes into their school, Mildew and Sponge become curious, and so begins their ridiculous adventure at Maudlin Towers. In an immersive and thrilling tale packed with disastrous mishaps, Mildew and Sponge stumble their way through a calamitous misadventure.

The illustrations also add depth to the book, bringing added detail and humour to the story, while staying comparatively simple and nonintrusive.  I recommend this book for younger readers around 10 years as some parts may be difficult to read for younger readers. As the third book in Chris Priestley’s Maudlin Towers series, it features absurd humour and comical puns on modern culture. Overall, this is a witty, lighthearted, nonsensical story which will have you reading for hours and your parents reading over your shoulder, chuckling. I acclaim it for anyone looking for a good laugh, without losing the good storyline.

James, age 12

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