The Book of Dust, Volume One

La Belle Sauvage

Philip PUllman

David Fickling Books

September 2018

$16.99 AU

612p pb

ISBN: 978-0241365854

fp October 2018

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The Book of Dust Volume One: La Belle Sauvage by Phillip Pullman is a complex fantasy novel that is the beginning of a new trilogy. It is about a boy named Malcolm, who lives in his fatherís inn on the river Thames, who encounters a range of colourful characters. He lives with a daemon, Asta, who is a close companion of his. Malcolm discovers a secret message mentioning dangerous Dust, which eventually leads him to a baby called Lyra, who many shady characters seem interested in finding.

This is a new novel set in the world of Pullmanís Dark Materials series, which I have not read. I suspect fans of that series will greatly enjoy this novel, as they will be familiar with the world and even some characters. I found the plot a little slow and struggled to get into it. The novel is long, as are the authorís sentences, but patient readers will enjoy this, as the author does create a very detailed setting. Given its difficulty, I would recommend this for older readers, as it also involves a fair bit of violence, and some swearing. This is one for fantasy fans, and those familiar with the original trilogy would enjoy it.

Emily, Year 10

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