2 Stinky

The Stinky Street Stories

Book 2

Alex Ratt & Jules Faber


September 2017

$14.99 AU

182p pb

ISBN: 978-1760553173

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2 Stinky consists of four short stories, each with a completely different plotline. There are two main characters, Brian and Nerf, but others appear throughout the stories. The first story is about a pig named Porkules who escaped from Brian’s Uncle McStinky’s farm and makes a horrible smell in the sewers. The second story is about Brian and Nerf’s school having a fair and the students are allowed to make a stall. Brian and Nerf want to make a haunted house and they do, but they have the sweet street girls stall next to them. The third story is about Brian’s birthday where he and Nerf go to the zoo and become zookeepers for the day. They think they get to hang out with the animals but they have to pick up their poo instead. The last story is about Brian and Nerf going to Brian’s Uncle McStinky’s farm where they have heard about treasure in a cave in his neighbour’s garden. There are lots of obstacles though as his neighbour protects the treasure dearly.

The book had a lot of toilet humour in it and was easy to read which I think makes it aimed at 8+ years. It had a good story and the characters were silly and funny, it also uses humorous made up words to describe things. I enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone who wants a short but good read.

Patrick, age 10

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